NuPress installs FUJIFILM J Press 750 S

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division has confirmed the installation of a Fujifilm J Press 750S at NuPress, a Miami-based diversified print provider of marketing essentials, packaging, banners, signs and more.

“In the age of COVID, we have seen a significant change in what customers want,” said Ricky De La Vega, owner of NuPress. “Cost efficient, shorter runs are becoming the norm; no one wants excess inventory sitting around or going to waste. Our J Press 750S has allowed us to easily accommodate these shorter runs while exceeding the quality we were getting from our offset presses.”

The addition of the J Press 750S empowered NuPress’ ability to do shorter runs, including specialty packaging jobs, and significantly increase its overall output efficiency. “This has been a game changer,” said De La Vega. “This added efficiency and combined with the overall versatility and range of capabilities of the J Press, we were able to be extra-competitive in bidding on and quoting jobs for customers, many times helping us earn the business over our competition.”

When it comes to finishing work, another advantage NuPress has discovered with its J Press 750S is that it produces output that is offset in nature. “The inks dry like offset inks, they don’t create a shiny surface like other inks or toners do,” said De La Vega.  “This has a direct impact on how the print is finished. With other technologies, print buyers are accustomed to paying for a secondary coating to be applied to make the output more offset like. This isn’t at all necessary with the J Press 750S bringing added efficiency, quality, and cost savings directly to my customers. It’s very much a seamless integration from prepress to the pressroom.”

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