Nozomi white ink gets the ‘scientific’ ok for recyclability

The EFI™ Nozomi C18000 continues to reach new benchmarks for packaging producers, including the achievement of another important certification addressing key recyclability needs. Electronics For Imaging, Inc. has received an additional validation from the Western Michigan University (WMU) Recycling, Paper and Coating Pilot Plant – a leading certification organisation for corrugated recycling – that further verifies the recycling and repulpability of boards printed with white EFI Nozomi UV LED inks.
The WMU Pilot Plant provided an OCC certification to EFI Nozomi white inks, extending the evidence that Nozomi inkjet-printed corrugated boards can safely, efficiently and effectively enter recycling streams. This new certification follows the WMU Pilot Plant’s initial OCC certification provided for the EFI Nozomi C18000 printer’s CMYK four-colour process ink set.

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