EFI Nozomi 14000 LED for Caps Cases

Trevor Bissett, Managing Director, Caps Cases Ltd, has confirmed the company recently started training on the newly installed EFI Nozomi 14000 LED single pass digital printer.

Installed in March, Caps Cases became the first business in the world to install the 14000 model, a 1.4m-wide, ultra-high-speed digital press designed for mainstream, high-volume packaging production. The UV LED inkjet press now running at Caps Cases’ facility in Newmarket brings enhanced productivity, reliability, value and flexibility to the industrial packaging segment.

Printing at speeds up to 100m per min, the Nozomi 14000 LED press is designed to deliver high uptime and reliability, with durable performance in heavy industrial production, direct to board on nearly all flute types. The corrugated packaging press also boasts superior colour registration and Nozomi presses’ award-winning imaging quality in a 1.4m-wide format targeted to fit converters’ production space requirements.

“The Nozomi is an exciting technology that we have been watching for a number of years,” added Trevor Bissett. “It is the first solution that has been suitable for us both in terms of the physical space that the machine demands, and in the quality that it can achieve. We will be able to alleviate some of the bottlenecks we have in our current process in ways that have not been possible with digital until now.”

Caps Cases’ investment is in keeping with their strong focus on customers’ needs. From Bissett’s perspective, this is a forward-thinking move aligned with company strategy to meet or exceed clients’ important multi-SKU and versioning brand requirements using superior high graphics production capabilities. “We are definitely seeing increasing numbers of branding change requests,” Bissett explained, “and this machine will be a real feather in our cap when it comes to pitching to new and existing clients.”

The EFI Nozomi 14000 LED press is available in a range of configurations to complement packaging converters’ individual needs. Following consultancy from EFI, Caps Cases opted to start with a five-colour set-up, CMYK plus white ink, with the peace of mind that the company has the option of adding orange or violet inks at a later stage.

Jamie Bissett, Commercial Director, adds, “This is an exciting phase for all involved, from what we’ve seen so far this machine will open up many new opportunities for Caps Cases and our customers. The initial plan is to test the machine with different types of work, including detailed images, that may have previously been produced as Litho, traditional flexo work with large areas of block coverage and of course some POS products. With the ongoing support of the technical team from EFI and our previous experience of multi pass digital printing, we are hoping to hit the ground running and look forward to the coming weeks.”

Evandro Matteucci, VP and GM, Packaging & Building Materials, EFI Inkjet, commented, “The response to the Nozomi 14000 LED has been incredible, and it validates what we came to understand during the research and development process, as well as through ongoing dialogue with our corrugated packaging customers. There is an essential need in the market for a highly productive, reliable, and versatile industrial packaging solution designed for more compact production lines. We are thrilled that Caps Cases has become the first business globally to invest in and install the latest evolution of EFI’s breakthrough Nozomi platform. We are looking forward to supporting Trevor Bissett and his team as they increase productivity, alleviate bottlenecks, and deliver more value to their brand owner clients using the outstanding graphics quality and flexibility of our award-winning single-pass UV LED inkjet technology.”


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