NOVAFOLD for Boxpool in India

Ahmedabad, India-based Boxpool has recently started up a new NOVAFOLD 110 A2 folder gluer from BOBST. The new gluer can run 4 & 6 corner box styles and is equipped with the corrugated module, meaning it can run carton and corrugated board.

Left to right: Prakash Suchak, owner of Boxpool and Pritesh Gadhvi (Bobst).

Prakash Suchak, owner of Boxpool, says, “We did a lot of research, as the Bobst Novafold is a big investment for us. We talked to other users of Bobst equipment and we saw the machine in action as well. We also visited the Bobst facility in Pune.”

He continued, “The machine is operator friendly and the speed is amazing. We can run a lot more volume through this new line and we can also run more sophisticated box styles, which we could not do before on our old gluer. It was hard to justify the cost of the machine to start with, but now we have doubled our output, it is proving to be a good investment for us.”

Bobst launched the Novafold to the Indian market a few years ago; the company used the Pamex 2023 expo in Mumbai in March to showcase the machine’s capabilities with live demonstrations of two different types of jobs.

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