New York Label & Box Works choose Edale FL5 carton press

Edale has confirmed that New York Label & Box Works are the first company in the US to invest in an Edale FL5, flexographic, single-pass, carton press and inline die-cutter.

Incorporated in 1878, New York Label & Box Works have facilities in New York and New Jersey, and provide packaging services for companies throughout the metropolitan and surrounding areas. Over the years, New York Label & Box have evolved and innovated to meet the demands of an ever more sophisticated marketplace, such as cosmetics, health, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, vitamin and nutraceutical industries.

New York Label & Box have invested in an FL5, 510mm, 20-inch, 8 colour, single-pass flexographic carton press. The first of its kind in the US, the press comes with 1500mm in diameter unwind, allowing for much longer runs to be achieved before roll change is required and can handle substrates up to 700-micron board. It also includes Edale’s (AiiR) Autonomous inking, impression plus EZ register technology which guarantees precision throughout the print run, improves quality and reduces waste.

With their FL5 they will be able to achieve all their printing requirements efficiently in a single-pass, including reverse and topside printing, lamination, cast and cure, cold foiling, rewind facility, decurl and inline die-cutting, including embossing and waste stripping. The finished cartons will then be delivered onto a shingling conveyor for easy removal.

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