New Year Message from BIR

“Starting a new decade is always somewhat exciting,” says Arnaud Brunet, BIR Director General, in his New Year message to the industry. “It seems that we can ‘reset’ the counter and that it opens new opportunities. We like to believe that everything will be different, and better. The last decade was full of challenges and difficulties. But we survived. The new one, let’s be honest, does not appear to be easier. It is probably within this decade that mankind will have to find solutions to mitigate climate change, otherwise our children will very likely live on a planet where major natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding and fires will become a deadly routine. 

“However, I am full of hope and optimism. I trust that we will find enough wisdom to transit to a more sustainable way of living, without exhausting Mother Earth. And what we, recyclers, do on a daily basis, with pride and professionalism, will not only contribute to a better future, but will finally be valued and fully recognised by Society.

“Let’s start this new year with some great news! Today, you will discover the new Bureau of International Recycling website which I promised you in my last New Year’s address. A big thank-you to all of you who you have helped with their constructive ideas and input. I think the new website demonstrates how much our global trade association of 72 years is fit for the challenges of the 21st century, and the new look and feel will not only reflect the dynamism of our industry but also help to carry our message to an even wider audience.

“We have of course many other milestones ahead of us, including the third edition of the Global Recycling Day on 18 March with its exciting theme ‘Recycling Heroes’, our World Recycling Convention in Istanbul in May and the much needed Study on Economic and Social Benefits of Recycling. 

“But for now, together with the staff members of the BIR Secretariat, let me simply and sincerely wish you a very happy, healthy and successful 2020!”

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