New website and an improved product range for Machine Compare

This month sees a new and improved website and product offering for industrial trading-hub, Machine Compare.

Working with a Manchester-based development company, Machine Compare’s new website picks up on important trends such as on-site personalisation, tailored experiences for both machinery buyers and sellers, chatbots to streamline the buying experience, subscription-based payment terms, and new marketing channels to increase traffic and conversion. The new website also offers intuitive navigation to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Buyers benefit from being given an accurate sense of the machines they’re viewing, with enhanced details including product photography, video, location search and extra communication features such as webinars to demo assets.

In terms of the seller, two options are now given at the point of purchase. To list assets via a standard listings channel or through an integrated auction platform.

Machine Compare appointed video production company, Soup Creative, to develop a high-end commercial and campaign execution to sit on-site and for use across digital. Shot in a large industrial former cotton mill in Bolton, the pillared warehouse made for an impressive and atmospheric shoot showcasing the problem buyers and sellers often face when trying to find each other, before positioning Machine Compare as the leading solution thanks to a vast range of product benefits and services.

The company also recruited a specialist branding agency, Redefine Studios, to transform the brand and maximise its marketing efforts to set the company firmly apart from its competitors, starting with its logo design.

Speaking about this project, Machine Compare CMO Emily Dunlop said, “Since our inception in 2016, the company has grown considerably, yet the existing website had become outdated and no longer reflected the Machine Compare brand. The new website offers our customers an enhanced digital experience and better reflects the modern and responsive nature of our business.”


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