New web platform puts Contact Originators’ mission in the spotlight

Contact Originators has launched a new website, designed to better reflect the company’s identity and strategy.

The new site puts Contact Originators’ extensive sustainability programme in the spotlight, as well as being designed for simpler navigation. The company’s new website is ultimately intended to be a more accurate reflection of the company’s identity in 2023 and beyond.

On the new platform, printers and converters can find more detailed information on the company’s services to the packaging industry, which includes on-press, prepress, reprographics services and colour management, as well as flexo plate production.

Steve Mulcahy, CEO, Contact Originators, explains, “The pressure is on in today’s fast-paced print market, and every business has its part to play. We are constantly evolving and elevating our business in response to market needs, so as our ‘shop window’, our website must reflect that. We are inviting our new and prospective customers to see the change for themselves. Contact has always been a leader, not a ‘me too’ business; our website’s the first opportunity to show why that is. So, we are putting the focus on what matters to our business; providing superior service and products, while protecting precious environmental resources.”

He concluded, “For some businesses, a website is just a digital store front, but for our team at Contact Originators, it’s an opportunity to show who we are, what we can offer and what we’re capable of. We’re led by technology, investment and our people. That’s what makes a difference for our customers, it’s how we stack the deck in the printers’ favour. Now, with our new website, we’re able to better communicate that across the market.”

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