New Software Launched

UK based Progrex, a software developer based in the North West, has launched an innovative system designed to help packaging firms maintain their vital BRCGS certification. BRCGS’ standards guarantee safety, quality, safety and operational criteria and are designed to ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for consumers. Packaging firms are expected to comply with the BRCGS standards and the new ‘Issue 6’ which has seen changes to the key health and safety requirements related to packaging and packaging materials.

Progrex has launched a new integrated tool, called BRC Gap Analysis – Packaging Materials. The software is basically a gap analysis tool which will audit the business to provide an oversight of potential issues which will cause problems with certification, so companies can take corrective action. Sharon Xuereb, Business Development Manager from Progrex said, “BRCGS Issue 6 is an updated standard that has just come out and we are expecting it will add further challenges for firms, who already find the process of applying for the BRCGS often complicated and time consuming.

“The new software we’ve developed is designed to make this process easier and takes users through a list of questions and through this Q&A process will assess where you currently are in terms of BRCGS compliance and where there are areas where you are falling short, so you can identify them easily and assign tasks to get them corrected. The new product is designed to take the headache out of BRCGS process and ensure that when you do apply for certification you can be confident you’ll pass and the whole process will go smoothly.”

The solution is based on BRCGS Packaging Materials Issue 6. Each gap analysis question corresponds directly to the sections and clauses and includes special, labelled clauses indicated where the standard has been amended since Issue 5, so businesses can identify these areas, in particular, where they’ll need to update their own standards and services. The solution gives users a detailed overview of gaps needed to be addressed and through the software you can also generate detailed reports, input tasks and assign responsibilities. The new system is available for a free trial. For more details visit or call 01772 875 513.

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