New platform module from openpack

openpack has successfully launched their new module, Resource Control.

Last year, the consideration was already how the industry can be supported in the area of energy consumption. Some research indicated that prices for energy will continue to rise in the future, and therefore something has to be done at long last to keep an eye on everything. In February 2022 compared to February 2021 at all economic levels, the energy prices increased sharply.

The newly developed feature supports the entire plant. The company says it can even help with savings of up to 15%. From now on, it is easy to have an overview of energy consumption. The module helps users to have everything in overview and enables them to react quickly to changes. As a result, the costs for resources such as electricity, gas, or even steam can be reduced sustainably and in the long term. And all this is possible not only for one machine within the company. This could also bring great benefits to your company and support daily operations.

It has never been so easy to obtain detailed consumption overviews. With just one click, it is possible to get information quickly so you can reduce the effort of recording and monitoring, but also simplify time-consuming certifications. Users can also reduce your energy costs in the long term.

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