New pallets proving popular with customers in the packaging industry

C&T Matrix launched a new  line of plastic pallets in June 2023 which are designed to meet the specific demands of the packaging industry. These are proving to be a great success and since launching this product line, C&T has sold over 2,000 units, with customers praising the pallets for their improved safety and hygienic production capabilities.

C&T Matrix has developed these plastic pallets with features that cater for modern packaging needs. For instance, the pallets are made using polymers that are food safe, ensuring compliance with hygiene and BRC accreditation standards.

One of the key advantages of these new pallets is their ease of manual handling. With a lightweight construction, the pallets eliminate the risk of splintering or causing damage within the working environment. Additionally, they are designed to be incredibly easy to clean, requiring only a simple wipe or spray to remove dust or powder. These features make the pallets highly advantageous in terms of maintaining health and safety standards.

The pallets are versatile and can be used throughout the entire production process. The pallets facilitate ‘non-stop’ feeding of board, paper, or corrugated materials, enhancing efficiency during printing and die-cutting operations.  Customers can choose from a variety of sizes to align with their specific production format and machine dimensions.

Simon Shenton, Managing Director, C&T Matrix, said, “C&T Matrix’s commitment to meeting the needs of the packaging industry has been well-received by customers, as evidenced by the rapid sales of the new plastic pallets. The positive feedback and growing popularity of these pallets demonstrate their effectiveness in improving safety, hygiene, and overall production processes in the packaging industry.”

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