New packaging complements premium strawberries with top quality print

Metsä Board and DS Smith have created a modern, top-quality berry box together, in an effort to replace plastic retail packaging. The packaging is printed using HQPP process colour, which has reduced ink consumption while enabling exceptionally high image quality and bright colours, while also adding value through branding and sales recognition.

“The design of the packaging did not use vector graphics commonly used in berry boxes, instead a photo-based multi-colour print was printed on the corrugated board. This process was extremely demanding, and required a high-quality coated white kraftliner,” says Ville Laiho from DS Smith. The EB doublewall corrugated packaging was made using MetsäBoard Pro WKL 175 gsm as topliner.

In addition to being food safe, a package made of fresh fibres withstands humid conditions better than a package made of recycled fibres. On the way from the field to the consumer, the moisture conditions can vary considerably, the packaging must therefore protect the product throughout the chain. After use, the corrugated box is also easy to recycle.

“Sustainability is a key trend, which can be seen in consumers and brands wanting to move from plastic to fibre based packaging and to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging. Packaging made from fresh fibre paperboard is therefore the material of the future,” says Ilkka Harju Packaging Design Director, EMEA and APAC at Metsä Board.

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