New IHMA Security Image Register launched

The secure registry of holographic images, established by the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) to safeguard hologram copyright and underpin the use of holograms in authentication and security printing, has been relaunched as the Security Image Register (SIR).

The former Hologram Image Register, the only system of its type for the authentication community, has been expanded and rebranded as the SIR, in a move that the reflects the changing dynamics of the global security holography industry.  The sophistication of holograms has evolved significantly in recent years and are increasingly being incorporated and integrated with other optical variable devices (OVD) technologies to provide holistic, added value and advanced authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Key changes at a glance are:

  • The Primary Visual Feature selection has been updated to include a choice of 13 current optical technologies that now fall with a general OVD (Optically Variable Device) category.
  • The HIR phrase and logo has been replaced by Security Image Register phrase and logo.
  • The word hologram will be replaced by OVD.

The centrally held global database of secure holograms will continue to be operated on behalf of the IHMA by the Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau under the strictest confidence and security that supports ISO14298 on behalf of members.

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