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Most litho-lamination works require sheets to be piled on pallets, using a flip-flop device in order to create inverted stacks of sheets. This procedure prevents the ‘banana effect’ that often affects the material and which creates problems during the following steps, in particular automatic die-cutting.

However the inverted piles require an operator intervention (1-2 people – depends on the material size) in order to be turned and stacked uniformly. The new unflip-flop Twist S³ does it automatically, avoiding the expensive work of operators and ensuring a steady high quality pallet for the following process. This new system helps by acting as the fundamental link between lamination and die-cutting, optimising and rationalising the working process.

Oppliger_Twist 1616 S3

Oppliger’s new Twist 1616 S3 unflip-flop unit

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