New Director of Apex Embossing B.V.

Apex International has recently announced the appointment of Marian Waterschoot as the new Director of Apex Embossing B.V.. As the current CEO of Apex International, Waterschoot will be succeeded by Ruud van Cuijk as she moves into her new role in the embossing industry, beginning May 1, 2023.

Waterschoot has led Apex International as CEO for the past 22 years. Through her strategic leadership, Apex International has grown into a well  known manufacturer of anilox, metering and now embossing roll solutions. Throughout the years, she led the company in various initiatives, including the start of their laser engraving division, sleeve and base roll production, and research and development for the GTT2.0 anilox engraving. She was CEO during their expansion into seven global manufacturing sites, strategically located around the world. Marian played an integral role in implementing the company’s long term growth initiative, ‘Vision: 2020s’, spearheading significant company expansion and investments to address anticipated industry growth.

“Marian is an incredible leader and we appreciate all she has done for Apex International for the past three decades. Her kindness, knowledge, fierceness, and strategic mindset has made a great impact on the success and culture of Apex International. Her retirement as CEO is well deserved and we wish her nothing but the best in her new role as Director of Apex Embossing,” states Ken Ralton, Chairman of the Board.

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