New Champion for the Environment & Sustainability for SPA

The UK Sheet Plant Association (SPA) has recently confirmed Steve Gabell of RH Fibreboard as new Champion for the Environment & Sustainability; he will assume the role at the SPA’s 105th ‘Sustainability’ Conference on Monday 27 February .

“I have volunteered for the Environment and Sustainability role on SPA Committee because I have a natural enthusiasm for environmental protection which I have been able to bring into my work life, with the support of RH Fibreboard,” said Gabell (pictured left). “In our community in Wellington, and around Somerset, RH Fibreboard has led several tree planting and teaching initiatives with corrugated in schools and actively got customers involved with this as well.”

He continued, “Working with facts and figures and doing some ambassadorial PR work is really just scratching the surface of a whole area that I would like to get more involved with and gain a much better understanding of. Having been in this industry for 20 years and attended SPA networking events for over 15 of these, I would like to bring some of the enthusiasm I have for our industry’s products and markets and help the SPA promote this in a proactive way.”

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