New Capacity for Flutepac, with H+S CE1560 tray former

Cepac Group continues to invest in its business and its people, following confirmation of the successful start-up of a new CE1560-3 tray forming machine from German manufacturer, Heiber + Schröder GmbH.

The new machine, which is one of the larger formats manufactured by H+S, will allow the company to increase its production of microflute corrugated trays, which it markets under the Flutepac brand, from its site in Altham, Lancashire.

The CE1560-3 has three production lanes to allow for higher output of finished cardboard trays. It will also allow Flutepac to produce a greater variety of trays, particularly out-of-home food containers amongst other conical trays.

“With a marked increase in demand for paper-based packaging solutions from the food sector, the addition of this new machine allows us to significantly grow our opportunities to serve customers across the UK,” says Chris Ford, Group Sales & Marketing Director. “We have seen a lot of enquiries for our Flutepac corrugated trays for a wide range of applications, including sushi and fresh produce to name just a few. The use of special moisture and water barrier coatings, which are 100% recyclable, makes for a compelling reason to use these trays and punnets for foodstuffs, fresh produce and baked goods. The new tray former from H+S is allowing us to significantly increase our capacity at a time when the food sector is under pressure to replace single use plastic packaging.”

To see a video of the machine in action, click this link.

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