New Breaking Down Boxes episode released

Hosts Gene Marino and Joe Morelli speak with Cassi Malone, Director of Customer Experience, Corrugated Supplies Company and Josh Sobel, Account Manager, Jamestown Container Companies, in ‘Be Engaged Be Engaging’, the latest episode of Breaking Down Boxes

“It was great to have Cassi and Josh share their stories. They truly represent how the Emerging Leaders program can play an active role in talent development within the industry,” said Marino.

Both having served as AICC Emerging Leader Delegates, the volunteer leaders of the Program, Josh and Cassi can offer a different perspective on leadership, the industry, and how to motivate younger employees.

They share their EL experiences as well as their industry origin stories. Sobel, an EL graduate, discusses how the EL Program has grown, what it is like to leave a family company, and trying to find his own path. Malone, a current EL, found her way into the industry by taking a leap after a chance encounter.

“It’s fascinating to hear Cassie’s and Josh’s story of how they got into the industry.  Gene and Joe always do a great job in getting this engagement,” said AICC President Mike D’Angelo. “Young people are the future of our industry. Cassie and Josh sharing their experiences in the AICC Emerging Leaders program and as young leaders in their respective companies is entertaining and instructive.”

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