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‘Green Gluing’ is the new slogan

On 1st May 2019, the Robatech Group launched ‘Green Gluing’, presenting the company in a new, modern design. The new look emphasises the values and core properties of the company even more clearly —  optimising the adhesive application processes of its customers with innovations, efficiency, sustainability, and services.

With the new ‘Green Gluing’ slogan, Robatech builds a bridge between the industrial adhesive application process and fundamental ecological values, underlining its responsibility for the careful use of resources.

The new design creates clarity and consistency, bringing to the foreground what distinguishes Robatech; responsible conduct, reliability and competence.

Martin Meier, CEO, Robatech Group, says, “It is essential and useful to integrate economic and ecological thinking and action into our performance. With the new branding, we show that we assume responsibility.”

Martin Meier CEO of Robatech Group

Martin Meier, CEO of the Robatech Group.