New baler cutting system saves on costs

Presona has developed a new cutting system that uses more robust and cheaper wear parts. Most Presona balers built from 2006 onwards can be upgraded with the new system.

“As most baler operators know replacing the cutting knives that cut the wire can be quite costly. Presona has developed a new system to lower the costs,” says Stefan Ekström, CEO, Presona. “We have replaced the long cutting knives, which are expensive to manufacture, with smaller and more robust cutters.”

Ekström concludes, “The new cutters are made of hardened steel (HRC 60) and are reversible to increase the operational lifespan. The cutters will last at least twice as long as the cutting knives. New Presona balers will be fitted with the new system and all Presona balers with the ECC tying system from 2006 can easily be upgraded to the system with cutters.”

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