New and Exclusive to EBB in the UK

Elliott Baxter & Company Limited, the UK based independent paper and board merchant, has signed an exclusive agreement with Frank Crossley & Son Ltd, the UK sales office for KOTKAMILLS, as their stockist merchant for AEGLE PRO GC2. The new grade is the result of a €170 million investment by the mill in a new folding boxboard machine using the most advanced technology has available. The result is a machine which stands at 5.4 metres wide, has an annual capacity of 400,000 tonnes and a product that will appeal to the majority of the carton packaging sector.

With makings currently available in 300mic/180gsm up to 650mic/340gsm, but with the ability to produce up to 1000 micron, Aegle Pro has an excellent calliper to grammage ratio and with its high stiffness, customers will potentially be able to drop down in weight against other grades. The grade is hard sized and FSC® as standard from EBB stock. FSC is optional on mill makings. “We are delighted to have been chosen by Kotkamills to represent them in the UK and we are already receiving a huge amount of interest in the new grade from our customers” said Simon Woolridge, the Divisional Manager for EBB Board. He added “EBB stocks are now available in a range of sizes from 400mic to 600mic for next day delivery – and our range will only get bigger”.

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