ND Paper to convert a PM at Biron mill to run containerboard

ND Paper, the US subsidiary of Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited, is taking steps to build on its growth in packaging products. At ND Paper’s Biron, Wisconsin mill, the company will be converting its B26 paper machine at the end of 2022 from coated mechanical papers to lightweight, high-strength recycled packaging products.

Today, the Biron Division, located in central Wisconsin, employs more than 300 full-time personnel and operates two paper lines with a combined annual production capacity of approximately 530,000 tons.  Its B25 paper machine produces approximately 270,000 tons annually of corrugating medium and linerboard for packaging applications, while the B26 machine produces approximately 260,000 tons of lightweight coated mechanical (CM) papers for end uses like catalogues, magazines and retail inserts.

Upon completion of the conversion, both the machine and the mill will have increased annual manufacturing capacity. The B26 machine will have capacity for over 500,000 tons of containerboard, and the mill, in total, will have capacity for over 800,000 tons.

The conversion will include construction of a new recycling facility paired with machine modifications. The new, state-of-the-art pulping facility will provide over 1,550 tons per day of OCC pulp for paper operations. Construction will commence in the first quarter of 2022 with commissioning anticipated by the end of 2022.

The OCC recycling plant project will help advance ND Paper’s commitment to sustainability by reducing energy consumption and removing landfill waste.

“The work we’re doing at our Biron Division marks another critical step in our transformation towards a bright and successful future,” said Ken Liu, Group Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Our decision to grow our packaging portfolio is grounded in strong demand and support from our customers for ND paper products.”

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