Nabe Process Corp choose CrystalCleanConnect

Nabe Process Corporation, the first company worldwide to install CrystalCleanConnect, was established in 1964 in Takamatsu Prefecture, Japan.

When it first entered the flexo market, Nabe Process was using solvent-based photopolymer plates and processors. In 2020, however, the company began looking for a more sustainable solution that could take the company to new levels of quality, cost and cycle time, and create a better ambient work environment for its employees. The company made an investment in 2021 to install the CrystalCleanConnect system from Asahi.

“When we learned about AWP™ CleanPrint water-washable plates from Asahi Photoproducts, we were intrigued,” said Yasuo Naka, Flexo Division Manager, Nabe Process Co., Ltd. “With water wash versus a solvent washout, platemaking time is significantly reduced, helping us to increase throughput in our plant.”

He also found that AWP™ CleanPrint water-washable plates offered other value, adding, “These plates demonstrated a significant improvement in print quality and productivity compared to the conventional solvent-processed flexographic plates. This includes cost savings and faster cycle time due to make-ready time reduction, fewer press stops for plate cleaning, and reduced substrate waste. The AWP™ plates feature high dimensional plate accuracy and stable print repeatability. Plus, since no VOC-based washout solvents are used, there is no odor; and the platemaking and press rooms are comfortable with a perfect ambient environment for the staff.”

He concluded, “We expect our customers to be even more satisfied with the quality we deliver and with our turnaround times. We will be using CrystalCleanConnect and AWP™ plates for more products in the future.”

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