mplaten|cleaner-smart helps clean cutting platen

With the mplaten|cleaner-smart, Marbach Die Supplies includes a cleaning device in its portfolio that cleans cutting platens quickly and safely. This ensures efficient die-cutting processes in packaging production.

Due to its small dimensions it can also be used in die-cutting machines where space in the cutting platen is limited.

For productive die-cutting processes, the tool that is used is just as important as the condition of the die-cutting machine. The best tool will not deliver the desired results in terms of productivity and packaging quality if the cutting platen is uneven and dirty. With the mplaten|cleaner-smart, cleaning the cutting platen is quick and easy.

With the mplaten|cleaner-smart, Marbach offers a version that can be used even in the tightest of spaces in the machine’s cutting platen.

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