Moyy unlocks creative possibilities with new essentra tapes applicator tech

Canada-based corrugated design and print house, Moyy, has bolstered its creative packaging capabilities by investing in new, state-of-the-art sheet-fed applicator technology from Essentra Tapes.

Both a design studio, printer and manufacturer of corrugated solutions, Moyy (which is a division of Whitebird) has become a first mover on tape application, enhancing its already impressive credentials in high-end corrugated design and production. Moyy will now offer new and existing customers the opportunity to enhance their packaging products across core areas of opening, closing, and protecting with Essentra Tapes’ portfolio of tape products.

Hendrik Tamminga, President at Moyy, said, “We understand that accessible and thoughtfully designed e-commerce and retail packaging can hugely impact a business’ success. It’s often the first physical interaction a consumer has with a brand. This new applicator technology will help us to further enhance consumer experiences. This is a critical piece of equipment as we look to focus on developing best-in-class opening and closing solutions. It reinforces our position as a full-service partner capable of supporting with design, innovation, quality, and speed to market.”

“It is fantastic to have Moyy on board, and it reinforces the notion that packaging must meet a variety of branding, communication and product functionality needs simultaneously,” said Christopher Morgan, Essentra Tapes’ Global Sales Director. “From enhancing the opening experience and making packaging inclusive to reinforcing branding and communications at the point of opening and the integration of security features, it is increasingly accepted that the value of integration is in its versatility. With existing and prospective customers increasingly looking to improve their packaging designs in terms of the consumer experience, we’re confident our tape portfolio and new sheet-fed applicator can deliver creative outcomes at value.”

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