Moving up to Medium Format

Aslam Sulaiman, owner of Century Packages in Karachi/Pakistan, has been investing regularly in sheetfed offset technology from KBA for a number of years. His company already operates three half-format Rapidas – two Rapida 72 presses and a five-colour Rapida 75 with coater and extended delivery. In a few weeks, they are to be joined by a Rapida 105 PRO with six printing units and facilities for high-quality inline finishing, which also heralds the company’s entry into the medium-format sheetfed offset market.

Aslam Sulaiman explains, “This step was well overdue. We need the larger format for both our packaging and commercial jobs.” Accordingly, the Rapida 105 PRO is equipped for maximum flexibility, accommodating commercial and packaging printing on substrates up to a thickness of 1.2 mm. It is also able to alternate between a conventional process and UV inks and coatings that guarantees the company design freedom, serving the interests of both the food packaging sector and high-quality cosmetics packaging. CleanTronic Multi washing systems (including CleanTronic UV), non-stop pile changing in the delivery and a wide range of automation modules are included in the press configuration.

Aslam Sulaiman (left), owner of Century Packages, and Bhupinder Sethi of KBA-Sheetfed sales, at the Rapida 105 PRO in the KBA training centre.

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