Mosca introduces the Evolution SoniXs MS-6

Mosca has added a versatile new product to its range of fully automated strapping machines. The Evolution SoniXs MS-6 is the successor to the RO-MS-4 and the first side seal machine with SoniXs technology. “As a systems partner, we are always looking for new product solutions to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. The Evolution SoniXs MS-6 is the latest outcome of this process,” says Christian Zwieb, who is in charge of product management at Mosca. With state-of-the-art technology, the new machine replaces its predecessor and brings the side seal machine product line into the Industry 4.0 era. Unlike most strapping solutions, the sealing unit is positioned on the side of the machine body for easy and efficient strapping of heavy products or items transported close to the ground.

In combination with corresponding feeding mechanisms the unit is available in Base and Pro versions to accommodate both entry-level and high-end requirements. “Our top-of-the-line Standard-6 sealing unit is supplied as standard with SoniXs technology but can also be optionally equipped with heat-welding technology,” continues Mr Zwieb. Features include a range of different frames, an optional frame with flaps in various sizes, ergonomic strap threading, advanced network functionality, and an optional fully automatic double strap dispenser, making the Evolution SoniXs MS-6 a versatile premium product.

Evolution SoniXs MS-6

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