More than 300 participants at the Marbach ‘Sustainability Week’

In mid-July, Marbach organised a week with various web sessions around the topic of sustainability in packaging production under the title ‘Sustainability Week’.

Jan Brunner, Sales Manager, Marbach, says, “The interest in our theme weeks continues. After the success of our last web session week on the topic of performance, the Sustainability Week had more than 300 participants attending online. We are pleased that our concept is so well received in the market.”

At ‘Sustainability Week’, the technologies greenplate, cutting-dies for honeycomb corrugated board, CONNECT|M as well as marbaject were considered under sustainability aspects. It was highlighted in detail how these technologies support sustainability in packaging production.

Brunner concludes, “The interest of the participants was great and we were able to answer many questions on the subject of sustainability and packaging production. Due to the great success, we will continue to expand our online event series in the future.”

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