More plate capacity for Chemence Graphics

Quality and productivity continues to be enhanced at France-based Chemence Graphics, following the installation of a new ThermoFlexX TFxX 80 flexo plate making system.

The company says that simultaneous operation of two laser heads ensures high plate writing output. With a respective power of 100W, the lasers now allow Chemence to work up to a resolution of 5080 PPI to optimise the reproduction of the finest details as well as the sharpness of the images and the contrasts in the intermediate tones.

Additionally, the suction and gripping system for the plates optimises the consumption with a reduction in waste (elimination of the retaining tape on the sides). The plate loading and unloading is now semi-automated thanks to a mobile table; a notable improvement for the comfort of the operators.

“With an investment policy focused on technology and operational efficiency, we wish to give ourselves the means to sustain the quality of our service for a lasting relationship with our customers,” explains Corallie Villegas, Managing Director, Chemence Graphics.

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