More patented cutting innovation from Elitron

Elitron is set to launch its new, patented, twin 45° cutting module, together with showcasing the best in cutting systems and automation workflow technology to maximise efficiency and productivity, at Fespa.

The new, twin 45° blade tool is the latest, patented tool for 2022. In a class of its own, in one single pass, a clean 90° cut is created, thus cutting all V-cut production times in half. For all honeycomb materials, the new DL 45° tool makes light work of V-cutting and transforms ideas into reality in half the time, saving both time and energy.

Thanks to this patented technology it’s possible to start V-Cutting anywhere on the sheet, as the independent blades are electronically controlled, to start V-Cutting wherever the design requires. The same DL 45° tool can also be used in the traditional V-cut mode, with only one single blade, for maximum flexibility and complete creativity.

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