More Investment by Palm Paper

On 17 September Palm Paper held a CHP and PSP inauguration ceremony and celebrated the anniversary of their 400,000 tonnes per year Kings Lynn newsprint mill with an open day. Dr Wolfgang Palm welcomed 150 guests from the UK and Europe, including local dignitaries.

The new CHP facility, which started up last year, reduces CO2 emissions at the mill by 80,000 tonnes per year. It also produces medium and low pressure steam for use in the paper machine.

Their Paper Separation Plant started up last month and provides a significant new outlet for the sorting of mixed papers (including newspapers) and cardboard from the local authority stream. The plant is designed to separate de-inking paper from mixed papers and old corrugated (OCC) and non-de-inking fibres. De-inked material is transported direct to PM7’s drum pulper or diverted to internal storage. OCC is baled and shipped to customers.

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