More details on Shotton mill development

Valmet has confirmed it will supply OCC, stock preparation and container board lines with a large scope of automation systems, Industrial Internet solutions and services to Eren Paper’s Shotton Mill in the UK.

The new PM3 will produce high-quality Testliner and fluting and it will use 100% recycled paper. The start-up of PM3 is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

“Shotton’s new containerboard machine will make our paper mill the largest and most technologically advanced paper mill in the UK. We chose a board making line with high performance, high speed, and higher production rates,” says Hamdullah Eren, Chairman of Board, Eren Paper/Modern Karton.

“Our technical highlights together with the speed and production potential of the container board machine were definitely the decisive factors to Eren Paper. Valmet’s OptiAir impingement dryer will give substantially higher runnability, and hard nip sizer will increase the strength properties of the produced board. Additionally, the OCC line will be the largest one delivered by Valmet,” says Mika Ollikainen, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Valmet.

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