Mondi wins with the EcoWicketBag

Mondi has once again won the prestigious EUROSAC Grand Prix Sack of the Year award, this year for its EcoWicketBag.

EUROSAC, the European Federation of Multiwall Paper Sack Manufacturers, chose Mondi’s EcoWicketBag for its potential to reduce plastic packaging waste in the global hygiene industry.

Mondi’s EcoWicketBag design is a paper-based packaging solution that provides an alternative to traditional plastic packaging, replacing it with renewable, recyclable paper. Created from strong virgin kraft paper sourced from sustainably managed forests, it is the first paper wicket bag that runs on existing equipment. It is available in a variety of sizes, is strong enough to handle the filling process and protect the product throughout the supply chain. EcoWicketBag’s design and printability ensure great on-shelf appeal, it is also easy to open and end-consumers know how to dispose of paper correctly.

The packaging industry’s latest innovations are presented each year at the EUROSAC Grand Prix. The main criterion of the competition is that the sack solutions must add value to the industry, whether in terms of innovation, sustainable development, design, high-quality printing or as a customer message carrier.


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