Mondi Štětí publishes report on local stakeholder engagement process and findings

Mondi Štětí in Czech Republic has published a report on the findings of its Socio-Economic Assessment Toolbox (SEAT) process, which was conducted in June 2022. The report summarises the findings generated from key issues raised by local stakeholders, as well as responses from the Mondi Štětí’s mill management. The report is available in English and Czech here.

In total 130 local stakeholders participated in the Mondi SEAT process, including employees, representatives of local communities, municipal and media representatives, customers, contractors, suppliers and others. The mill’s management considered all findings and responded formally with their feedback, including actions identified for future improvement.

“We received great input and very open feedback, which helped us to create specific action plans for improvement across multiple areas, like transportation in our surroundings, safety, sustainability and environmental performance and, last but not least, in creating an even better place to work for our people,” comments Roman Senecky, Managing Director, Mondi Štětí. “I’m personally happy that we’ve already realised some of the planned improvements. For example, we increased the number of parking spaces next to our mill and we opened the second gate to decrease the risk of traffic jams. We also improved the working environment by renovating facilities and introducing fitted clothes for women as well.”

The Mondi SEAT processes are face-to-face, open dialogues with local stakeholders facilitated by independent third-party specialists. The aim is to better understand the perception and impacts of Mondi operations – both within the company and in the regions they operate.

Gladys Naylor, Group Head of Sustainable Development, Mondi, says, “Our SEAT process is a unique platform for us to invite key stakeholders and speak openly about topics that matter to our local stakeholders. By doing this, we hope to generate trust and understanding. The dialogue is facilitated by a third party to bring neutrality, expertise and credibility.”

86% of Mondi mills and forestry operations have completed a SEAT process at least once since 2005. In 2022, a SEAT process was also held at Mondi Tire (Turkey), with a report to be published soon.

All Mondi SEAT reports can be accessed here.

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