Mondi helps replace plastic packaging for Veetee

Mondi is bringing paper-packed dry rice to the UK for the first time, by collaborating with award-winning rice supplier Veetee.

Veetee’s new rice packaging has been created using Mondi’s FunctionalBarrier Paper, providing a safe, secure and strong alternative to the industry standard plastic packs. Veetee and Mondi are the first in the UK to launch a paper-based alternative for dry rice, customised in direct response to consumer demands for more sustainable packaging.

Mondi uses its customer-centric approach to evaluate the needs of the product, customer and consumer to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution – using paper where possible and plastic when useful. The company provided a full in-house solution for Veetee – sourcing certified renewable material, producing the certified kraft paper, add barrier functionality and printing it before delivering the final paper-based reels to Veetee for conversion and filling.

The new packs have been certified by OPRL as widely accepted for kerbside recycling in the UK, making disposal easy for the end users and supporting a circular economy. Thanks to the high printability of Mondi’s FunctionalBarrier Paper, Veetee is able to communicate the disposal messages on-pack and retailers can clearly promote the brand and different products on-shelf.

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