Mondi handles Diamant’s packaging needs with recyclable paper solution

Mondi has entered the bike packaging market with its Protector Bags, providing a new sustainable solution for Diamant to replace plastic wrapping used around the handlebars of its Trek and Diamant brands.

Germany’s oldest bike manufacturer will now use Mondi’s recyclable Protector Bags that are made from renewable materials. The change means that Diamant will reduce its plastic use by 16 tonnes every year – around 85% of its previous consumption – as well as saving costs in logistics and transportation. The Protector Bags are made from renewable resources, responsibly sourced and are created from two layers of durable kraft paper. They are flexible, cost-efficient and completely recyclable, and can be disposed of safely in existing waste streams throughout Europe.

The pre-made paper bags do not require additional wrapping or taping, as they are ready to use with a tailored closure strip developed specifically for the bicycle industry. Created from two plies of paper, Mondi’s Protector Bags are strong and flexible, making them highly puncture-proof – and they protect the bikes during storage and transport with a softer interior glaze that is friction-resistant. Due to the air permeability of paper, the bags are also breathable. Additionally, handlebar grips made of rubber can emit moisture or gas that can evaporate easily with this new packaging.

Storage and transportation costs have been significantly reduced: the Protector Bags are delivered flat, meaning more can be carried on a pallet, providing a more cost-efficient stacking compared to plastic bubble wrap reels that transport excess air. In addition, Mondi produces the paper bags at its Trebsen plant in Germany, which is only an hour from Diamant’s factory, compared to the previous bubble wrap alternative, which was sourced abroad.

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