Mondi develops box on wheels

With more than 500 million euro annual sales, Poland is the second largest exporter of mattresses worldwide, surpassed only by China. In order to address the growing demands of this evolving market segment, Mondi Simet offers a full range of standard transport cases, large boxes and die-cut products with HQPP printing.

The leading Polish manufacturer of mattresses and beds, Hilding Anders Polska, is one of the most recent customers to benefit from Mondi Simet’s technical know-how and state-of-the-art equipment. The close collaboration resulted in the exciting packaging concept Box on Wheels, which helps Hilding Anders Polska’s end-users easily transport heavy items (up to 28kg).

The packaging concept developed in cooperation Hilding Anders Polska and Mondi Simet ticks all the boxes – its innovative design, including wheels and a handle, helps customers transport their mattress from the shop straight to their bedroom. In addition to being user-friendly, it also requires 20% less material and is fast to assemble. Additionally, the new box allows the supplier to pack a range of different mattress sizes which optimises procurement and storage on the customer’s side. Lastly, this method of packing mattresses along with the high quality print on corrugated sets the product aside from standard mattresses in the store and underscores the product’s premium character.

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