Mondi delivers innovative logistics solution

Mondi says it is one of the first global paper manufacturers to introduce an innovative logistics solution for its large reels, which provides benefits throughout the supply chain.

The ProVantage Komiwhite reels with a width of 280cm, a diameter of 139cm and a weight of nearly four tonnes, presents a logistical challenge when it comes to transporting krafltiner products. To address this issue, Mondi is now transporting large reels on more efficient ‘roll-on/roll-off’ (RoRo) vessels from its mill in Syktyvkar (Russia), via Bronka (Russia) and Luebeck (Germany), to the Innocenti terminal in Milan (Italy) without the need for them to be placed in shipping containers.

“With this new way of transporting large reels, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint even further when moving goods,” says Giovanni Mondini, Sales Director at Mondi Italy. “There is no longer a need for additional packaging materials to wrap around the reels to protect the cargo during transport. This innovation has led to us decreasing the amount of protective material waste by one truck load per month. Additionally, we now dispose of far fewer damaged reels,”

The company says the RoRo service for large reels provides several benefits including:

  • Using a new route which reduces transit times, by as much as a week;
  • The product is less exposed to adverse environmental factors, which significantly lowers the risk of damage to the consignment;
  • It rolls-on and off the ships and trains seamlessly.

This efficient and innovative logistics solution is now being considered for further destinations including Antwerp and Hamburg, to serve customers in the Benelux states and Germany in a safe, sustainable and reliable way. ​​​​​​​

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