Module Tool Management ensures more efficiency

Last year, Marbach launched its CONNECT|M system solution. This system solution for more digitalization in the die-cutting process, consists of two modules; Tool Management and Performance Tracking, both of which ensure transparency and efficiency in packaging production.

Dominic Fischer, Project Manager, Marbach, explains, “Tool management plays an important role in increasing efficiency in packaging production. The production tool must be located quickly, maintenance must be ensured, and re-orders made possible in a quick and efficient manner. Tool provisioning must therefore work perfectly. With the CONNECT|M Tool Management module, our customers have the advantage that all important information such as CAD data, storage location, maintenance management, and additionally order history, set-up data as well as documentation data is always available exactly when it is needed. This cuts out the need for any long searches. What does this means for our customers? Simply place the manufacturing tool on the die-cutting machine and get on with packaging production. And all this for a low monthly license fee.”

The Tool Management module can be combined with the Performance Tracking module. This automatically determines and evaluates key performance indicators. These key figures are available at the touch of a button and can be stored directly with the tool. This makes tool use even more efficient.

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