Model to convert Eilenburg mill for containerboard

The Model Group, headquartered in Switzerland, is converting its recently acquired paper mill in Eilenburg, from the production of newsprint to corrugated base papers.

BHM Ingenieure has received the order to plan all structural measures during the rebuild of the paper machine and to supervise them in site management. Within the scope of the reengineering, the output capacity of the entire plant will be increased, to more than 620,000 tons per year. Extensive construction measures are necessary for this:

  • Expansion of waste paper storage capacity and sorting facilities;
  • Rebuild of stock preparation;
  • Rebuild of the paper machine;
  • Automatic finished goods storage;
  • Expansion and rebuild of the wastewater treatment plant;
  • New energy centre.

Work started in August 2021. The first corrugated base paper is scheduled to be produced at the end of 2023.

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