Mobile workbenches arouse great interest.

The portfolio of Marbach Die Supplies (MDS) includes machines, equipment as well as materials for diemaking. However, MDS does not only supply diemakers, but also converters with materials for daily needs as well as equipment and machines for the die-cutting department. One of the latest additions to the portfolio are the mbench|smart and mbench|pro workbenches.

mbench|pro workbench.

AndrĂ© Angermeir, Sales Manager Marbach Die Supplies, explains, “The two workbenches of the mbench series have already aroused a lot of interest among our customers. This is because these workstations for repairs and die preparation increase the efficiency at the die-cutter enormously. For this purpose, we optionally also supply the respective matching manual devices.”

The mbench series currently consists of two workbenches: the mbench|smart and the mbench|pro. On the combined table with an ideal work surface, storage space for tools and consumables, and the matching manual devices, repairs and other work can be carried out in a minimum of space.

Angermeir continues, “While the mbench|smart is particularly suitable for quick repairs directly on site, as it can be used flexibly in all areas of production and combines all the important equipment for die repair at one workstation, the mbench|pro is the ideal solution for tool preparation. This assembly table is used, for example, to check whether the rubbering is still properly in place or whether knives need to be replaced.”

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