Mobile Baling Reduces Fires at Waste Sites

Each year, the UK fire and rescue services attend around 300 significant fires at waste sites. Recently, several European manufacturers along with earthmoving company, Oosterveld, based in the Netherlands, collaborated to develop a unique waste compaction solution to help prevent these fires igniting.

Oosterveld approached the Avermann Group (Netherlands) to find a solution that would improve fire safety and space at their customer’s landfill site in Hengelo, Netherlands. They joined forces with waste compaction experts, CK International and Finnish-based Cross Wrap, to develop a mobile baling system and conveyor – offering the customer greater flexibility. CK International used their automatic twin ram as the base for this new product and in order to have an integrated plastic wrapping system, Cross Wrap customised their unit, also making it mobile.
With such a highly experienced team of manufacturers collaborating together, the end result was a mobile turnkey solution for on-site baling and wrapping which can be dismantled and set up on-site within a day.

Gareth McCullagh, Engineering Manager at, Northern Irish-based, CK International says, “This mobile version certainly has the end-user in mind. Automation and simplicity were key factors when developing the machine. It is fully integrated with a mobile conveyor and Cross Wrap direct wrapper and also has options for wire tying or plastic strapping systems. It is fully kitted out with access ladders, walkways and handrails. Essentially, it’s a full turnkey solution for any customer. Transport is made much easier with the mounted ejector ram on the rear of the main body.”

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