mjet|1 for perfect cutting-die rubbering

Marbach Die Supplies not only supplies materials, but also machines for cutting-die production. One machine that stands for the highest efficiency in diemaking is the mjet|1. This compact waterjet machine cuts the ejector rubber for a cutting-die automatically and with absolute precision.

With the mjet|1, standard parts such as ejector rubbers can be produced simultaneously. This saves time and streamlines the entire process.

AndrĂ© Angermeir, Sales Manager MDSA, says, “The freely definable geometries of the rubber blanks are taken directly from the CAD data and cut out automatically. The powerful high-pressure pump generates the necessary pressure to ensure excellent cut quality, while the highly dynamic drive of the mjet|1 ensures top speeds. The cutting speed is always based on the rubber material being processed.”

But the small-format waterjet system is not only efficient; its compact fully encapsulated design also ensures safety in cutting-die production. The closed processing chamber prevents any uncontrolled release of cutting steam and the fine particles it contains. The mjet|1 is also quiet, which is good for machine operators and production staff.

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