Minimising plastics with a range of fibre based tray solutions for fresh food

The search for packaging which replaces plastics whilst not increasing food waste is more intense than ever. AR Packaging solves the challenge of more sustainable packaging with more than ten fibre-based tray concepts for chilled and frozen foods – designed to run on existing packaging systems.

With the increasing focus on the environment and minimised global warming, all major food and retail companies have set clear targets on lower carbon emissions and recyclable packaging. In line with consumer preference for paper-based packaging and avoidance of plastics, high fibre content packaging is the ideal solution for many products.

AR Packaging combines expertise in carton-based packaging with long experience in chilled food applications where flexible packaging is traditionally used. The Group offers more than ten different solutions of fibre-based tray concepts which meet the sustainability and recycling needs whilst maintaining pack perfomance. The renewable fibre content is maximised and the use of plastic is minimised while ensuring food safety over the expected shelf life and thereby minimised food waste. All concepts are designed to run on existing packaging lines at the food producers, so that a fast transition to more sustainable packaging can be achieved without major investments.

“Many customers are eager to make a change but are confused by all upcoming regulations. With our wide market presence, we can guide each customer and offer a span of different solutions to meet their varying needs,” said Philipp Eissner, Business Development at AR Packaging. “It is a pleasure to have such a wide offer as we do already, but of course we work intensively with more developments to put on the market in the near future.”

AR Packaging was one of the first companies to introduce the thermoformable barrier paper material PaperLite® and a pressed board trays for modified atmosphere packaging. During the latest year, the Group also introduced molded fibre concepts, fibre cutlery, the carton-based Safeboard®solution with plastic-free barrier and many more innovative fibre based packaging concepts.

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