MHI launch third generation of belt type single facer

With the aim of producing high quality board and with easy operation, MHI has confirmed the launch of its third generation of belted single facer, the 60N, which is rated at 450 m/min.

MHI developed its first Pressure belt machine over 30 years ago, being the first manufacturer in the world to offer such a solution to the market. Since then, MHI never returned to roll pressure machines, always prioritising high quality of the board produced and reliability of the machine.

The company says its new belt type 60N Singe Facer is based on its popular and well proven 60H Paser. The new single facer has the following standard features:

  • Higher automatically adjusted belt tension and automatic nip belt alignment device;
  • Automatic sheet wrap control device for internal and external pre-heaters to obtain the best quality for different paper grades;
  • Fully automatic flute cassette change system. Flute change time is just 3-4 mins without any operator intervention:
  • LCD monitor with improved more detailed unit diagnostics and maintenance information;
  • Automatic glue dam control system (option), adjusting the position of the glue dam for less glue consumption and easy operation preventing glue sticking on the corrugating rolls.


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