Metsä Group VP joins panel discussing the future of plastic elimination

Maija Pohjakallio, VP, of Climate & Circular Economy, Metsä Group, will feature in a panel alongside other notable industry experts at Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) Engage on Thursday 7th December.

Taking place at the Science Museum in London, Pohjakallio will lend her expertise to the panel session titled “Plastic Elimination Targets: When does it make sense to switch to paper-based packaging?”

SPC Engage 2023 will bring together the entire packaging supply chain to deep dive the subject of moving sustainability commitments into measurable action. The event will reflect on and analyse current industry efforts and look to prioritise actions that will have a bigger impact in future years.

Pohjakallio will be joined by fellow speakers, Floor Uitterhoeve, Director European Market Sustainability, McDonald’s and moderator, Fabio Peyer, Head of Sustainability, Mondi. Against the backdrop of the common “plastic or paper?” debate and the Global Plastics Treaty negotiations, the panel will discuss how the industry can unite to navigate the trade-offs of each material depending on the context. The session will provide attendees with a framework to help determine when paper and plastic solutions should be respectively used, as packaging companies, retailers, and brands must prepare to look deeper into the data to investigate the best solution.

The session will be held at Illuminate, Level 5, from 11.35 am – 12:15pm (GMT) at the Science Museum in London. To register your attendance, click here.

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