Metsä Board’s Tako paperboard mill to benefit nearby farms

Finnish circular economy company, Soilfood, is processing the fibre-based side streams generated in the production of paperboard from manufacturer Metsä Board, into various soil improvement fibres for local farms.

Soilfood has previously used these side streams from the Kemi and Äänekoski mills. Now, the cooperation has been extended to the Tako mill, located in the centre of Tampere.

Metsä Board’s cooperation with Soilfood started with a research project initiated in 2015 by the Natural Resources Institute Finland. The study looked at how wood-based fibre sludge had the ability to reduce erosion and nutrients leaching from fields to water bodies. The large-scale use of side streams is part of a new circular economy approach, where raw materials are kept in use as long as possible and existing materials are re-used.

“Our goal is to have zero landfill waste from the processes of our paperboard mills after 2030. Currently, more than 99% of our production side streams are used either as materials or energy. Metsä Board wants to focus on its core competence as a producer of fresh fibre paperboard, but at the same time seek more opportunities for promoting the circular economy. That’s why partners like Soilfood are important to us,” says Mika Leino, Vice President Environment, Metsä Group.

“The location of the Tako mill in the centre of Tampere brings with it special challenges as there are no large storage areas on the grounds of the mill,” says Jaakko Ikonen, VP, Tako Board Mill.

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