Metsä Board plans temporary layoffs

Euwid has reported on its website that Metsä Board is intending to introduce temporary layoffs at its mills in Finland, with negotiations already underway.

The subject of negotiations are temporary layoffs for a total of 1,100 employees, which could last a maximum of 90 days for each employee until the end of the year. The mills affected are Joutseno, Kaskinen, Kemi, Kyro, Tampere, Simpele and Äänekoski.

The implementation of short-time work could take place in several parts over the year, and the implementation will be decided on a case-by-case basis, Metsä Board said. The company estimates that the negotiations will take two weeks. The background to the planned temporary layoffs is the weak demand in the market, which is currently affecting large parts of the entire paper industry throughout Europe and which the paper industry is countering with production cutbacks of various kinds.

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