Metsä Board launches 360 Service

Consumer concerns and tightening regulations have intensified the drive for more sustainable and safe packaging. At the same time, improving performance and efficiency are important. To answer the demand Metsä Board has introduced a collaborative 360 Service approach to deliver measurable benefits throughout the packaging value chain, from easy recyclability to brand impact, production and supply chain efficiency, reducing environmental impact and beyond, complementing its premium paperboard offering.

Successful circular economy solutions require innovation and knowledge-sharing partnerships. “The market is moving very fast, so partnerships are needed and companies who can collaborate, develop and test new solutions at speed will win. At Metsä Board, we know our materials – premium lightweight paperboards – inside out. That is the core of our solution, but we can extend our support to customers beyond paperboard,” says Mika Joukio, CEO at Metsä Board.

The Metsä Board 360 Service approach is based on the extensive paperboard and packaging expertise gained from decades of collaboration with leading global technology providers, research institutes, brand owners, converters, printers, corrugators and logistics and IT providers. The new 360 Services consist of five entities:

  • Sustainability Service – to ensure the compliance and maximise the sustainability of paperboard packaging;
  • Packaging Design Service – to provide better consumer experiences with less environmental impact;
  • Technical Service – using Metsä Board’s in-depth technical expertise to help  improve converting efficiency and packaging performance;
  • R&D Service – offers extensive testing capabilities and possibilities to explore new opportunities in joint R&D projects;
  • Supply Chain and Digital Service – enables responsive, sustainable and reliable paperboard supply across the globe.

“For example, the sustainability services are currently experiencing high demand. Our customers are looking for ways to lower the environmental impact of their packaging. With our offering we can help them in meeting their targets and reduce the fossil CO2 emissions of their value chain,” concludes Joukio.

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