Metsä Board H1 2017 report

Mestä Board has confirmed its H1 2017 financial report for the period 1 January–30 June 2017. Sales were €918.7 million (€858.5) and the comparable operating result was €88.7 million (70.8), or 9.7 per cent (8.2) of sales. Operating result was €92.1 million (67.2).

Significant events that took place between April–June 2017 included:

  • Total paperboard deliveries grew by 11 per cent from the previous quarter. The average price of folding boxboard was burdened by the geographic sales mix of the Husum mill;
  • The new extrusion coating line at Husum, Sweden, started up in April. The line serves the global food service markets, and its annual capacity is 100,000 tonnes.
  • Metsä Board announced changes to its Corporate Management Team. As of 6 June 2017, Metsä Board’s Corporate Management Team consists of Mika Joukio (CEO), Jussi Noponen (CFO), Sari Pajari (SVP, Marketing and Sales), Harri Pihlajaniemi (SVP, Production, as of 6 September 2017 at the latest), Ari Kiviranta (SVP, Development) and Susanna Tainio (SVP, Human Resources).

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